Dreamscapes Entry Photo 2
Big bass Photo April 2017
View from Dining Room Window July 2016-001
Resting Place
Spring Photo Website Dreamscapes
Pasture View for Loft
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Family Boating Day
Summer Relaxation at Dreamscapes
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Blue Skies with heat streaks July 30 2016
Mon Jardin
Wisteria and Wild Roses
Certified Wildlife Habitat
Dreasmcapes sun up from the pasture
Certified Wildlife Habitat  Ducks
Dreamscapes pond photo late afternoon
Dreamscapes Lake and Fishing Pier
Dreamscapes Entry Photo 2
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Brady Lake Photo Wide Angle
Winter Wonderland At Dreasmcapes
Farm Animals Chickens

Paddle Boat

 For 2 persons Located at Boathouse.  Enjoy Our Lake along with fresh air and exercise!  Simply sitting in the boat in the middle of the lake on a nice clear day with bring clarity to your mind!  Note: Our insurance requires Lifejackets for all boat use.  Regulation Lifejackets are hanging in the boathouse for your use.

            Kayaking /Paddling

Paddling is permitted in groups of 2. Lifejackets are required. Safety instructions are located in the house manual. 2 Kayaks are available  for your use, lakeside. Regulation life jackets are hanging in the boathouse for your use. 

    Hiking and Meditation

Feel Free to roam the property or stay on our gravel road.  From front to rear entry, the gravel road is a 1.5-mile hike.  Gardens, farm animal viewing or walk the hill to our main barn.  Feel free to visit our gardens and sit for a while.  Our chickens are hilarious and are usually roaming about!  You will welcome the Rooster Crow early mornings.  You will find resting benches throughout the property.



Fire Pit Lakeside

The fire pit is there for your enjoyment.  It is a community-gathering activity and other guests on the property may join you.  Feel free to roast marshmallows, hotdogs or simply sit and enjoy the fire.  Log and fire starter are provided, stacked next to the pit.  Roasting sticks and lighter are located in your barbeque drawer in the kitchen.  You may also use the pit grate for barbeque.  Please make sure fire is completely out prior to leaving the area!  Enjoy!


Attention:  The owners are not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness that occurs while on the premises.  The homeowners are not responsible for the loss of personal belongings or valuables of the guest.


Duck and Geese Feeding

Feed is in the metal bin, lakeside (Grains or cracked corn only).


Attention: Other than the ducks and geese, Please do not feed our animals. All our animals are “Rescues”.  Most of our dogs have special needs and require strict diets.  Thank you. 



*Optional Work for Produce for FUN!

If you enjoy digging in the dirt, let us know if you would like to work in our gardens for a few hours during your visit and we will give you fresh organic produce to take home.  Option available late spring through late Fall.



Great Fishing

We have an abundance of Bass, Blue Gill, Crappie and Bream. Fishing is permitted in our private, 6 acre  lake if you bring your own fishing gear and fish cleaning tools.   Some fish are quite large!  Please clean, eat and keep any fish that you catch and do not throw back into the lake.  You may use the picnic table at the boathouse for cleaning your fish.  Water faucet is located behind the picnic table in the ground next to the hose.  Please hose off picnic table and dispose of all fish remains after cleaning by throwing them back into the lake so you do not attract Coyote.









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Therapy Services

Indulge in a soothing massage or a private restorative yoga session with mediation.


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Outdoor Activities

Lakeside we have everything from paddle boating, fishing, to a fire pit lakeside and much more.


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