Meet the Owner of

Dreamscapes Getaway

Meet Rhonda, Owner of Dreamscapes Getaway, in her organic garden on her farm that surrounds Eagle's Perch and Wren's Nest.

The owner of Dreamscapes Getaway is an experienced chef and has traveled the world teaching, living, and learning about healthy cooking choices while seeking outstanding accommodations in private settings. 


Her travels include but are not limited to Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Holland, Spain, Northern and Southern Switzerland, (her favorite), San Salvador, Monaco, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Saint Lucia, The Turks and Caicos Islands, Bermuda, and Barbados.


She was educated in Europe and speaks three languages.

In addition to being a Certified Naturally Grown farmer, she is also a teacher, a Sailor, a pianist, and published photographer and writer.


As an Internationally certified Yoga instructor, she offers private Restorative Yoga and Meditation instruction for her Dreamscapes guests.  During the week, she also teaches group Yoga classes in her community.  In her spare time, she enjoys wheel pottery, hiking, fishing, reading, studying natural, and AyerVedic health alternatives.


Her dream evolved while working long days in Atlanta.  She discovered that it was impossible to find luxury accommodations nearby that offered solitude and privacy for stress reduction to enable complete relaxation during her leisure time.


Comfortable, upscale accommodations and optional prepared healthy gourmet food in a natural and private setting simply did not exist.





She retired as a successful business executive in North Atlanta and left her busy lifestyle in 2005 to pursue her dream.  While maintaining some business interests in Atlanta, she started a new, different, and very exciting chapter in her life at Dreamscapes.


It took 7 years of hard work to build, furnish, and create the gardens and animal shelters for Dreamscapes!


At long last, it is her desire to share the privacy and magical world of Dreamscapes Getaway, its natural beauty, privacy, and wildlife with select individuals, busy executives, and couples that appreciate the finer things in life.  Dreamscapes offers “the great escape” from the madness of the city and digital world.


Owning and operating her own Resort and Wildlife Refuge has been her dream since she was a small child.  Digging in the dirt, is her passion.


Dreamscapes Getaway seeks to maintain the highest standard of green, healthy living.


We use recycled and organic furniture outdoors. Our robes, towels, linens and care products are all chemical free and of organic quality.  We NEVER incorporate, or promote the use of chemical sprays, hormone additives, fungicides, or pesticides on our property; in our gardens or on the food we grow and eat.  Our Chickens range freely on our natural land and our eggs are the best you will find!  We strive to leave small footprints in all that we do.

We protect and care for our wildlife and are a Certified Wildlife Habitat.


Our 5 Star Guest Reviews say it all!

See for yourself, visit us, and find your bliss!



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